Moya Brennan

The eldest of 9 children growing up in the Brennan household Moya has been involved with music and entertaining from an early age. In fact she performed with her father Leo Brennan and his family band (Slieve Foy Dance Band) as a young girl. This set the foundations for a musical career spanning several decades.

Like most of her siblings, Moya’s childhood also involved singing on stage at Leos Tavern backed by her father Leo. After finishing school in Sligo, Moya was destined to be a music teacher, when the opportunity to sing lead vocals in Clannad presented itself. An opportunity Moya grasped with both hands, leading to Clannad releasing their first album in 1973.

Nearly 20 years later, Moya released her first solo album Maire in 1992 (with sisters Deidre, Olive and Bridin singing backing vocals) and went on to compile 8 solo albums whilst still being actively involved with Clannad.

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