Brídín Brennan

The youngest of 9 children growing up in the Brennan household, Brídín (pronounced ‘Bree-geen’) has been involved with music and entertaining from an early age. Indeed her brothers Ciaran & Pól and sister Moya were releasing their first album when Brídín was only 5 years of age

Like most of her siblings, Brídín’s childhood also involved singing on stage at Leos Tavern backed by her father Leo, entertaining the locals and tourist bus groups alike. Singing backing vocals for Clannad all over the world and later for Moya on her solo albums, she looked set for a career in music.

Being surrounded by music since before she could remember, Brídín not surprisingly decided to try her talents in other fields which lead her to move to the UK in 1996. The call of music was too strong however and in 2005 she released her solo album ‘Eyes of Innocence’.

Brídín is once again residing in Donegal, where she teaches singing to school children and local choirs.

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